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"Our goal is to redefine modern homeware designs through our artisan furnishings & accessories; aiming to revive and develop our honoured crafts."


Casa Designs was founded by three architects: Khaled Rashwan, Abdalla El Masry, and Ahmed Abozeid. The trio met while studying Architecture and Interior Design in Cairo, Egypt, and discovered a shared passion for furniture design and craftsmanship. After graduation, they worked for several prominent design firms in Egypt, honing their skills and gaining valuable industry experience.


In 2018, the partners decided to come together and establish Casa Designs, a furniture design and manufacturing company that would allow them to showcase their creativity and design skills. Starting with a small workshop and a handful of employees, they quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality, stylish furniture that perfectly blends form and function.


Over the years, Casa Designs has grown into a leading furniture design and manufacturing company, serving clients throughout Egypt and beyond. Despite their success, the founders remain committed to their original vision of creating functional, stylish, and personalized furniture that perfectly suits their clients' lifestyles.

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