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"Our goal is to redefine modern homeware designs through our artisan furnishings & accessories; aiming to revive and develop our honoured crafts."



We aspire to bless space with homeware that tells a story. We strive to create pieces that express authenticity through material, texture, color, and placement. We carefully hand craft each product to ensure delivering a lot of love to our customers through our pieces. 


"CASA Designs" is a homegrown Egyptian home accessories brand, founded by a team of 3 architects who found their passion in designing . Our story began in 2018, where we decided to team up and develop a whole new concept for homeware accessories based on local craftsmanship and materials.

brief about the founders

The Founders


We take pride in our our origin, therefore we searched for years until we discovered one of the hidden treasures of Egypt, the craftsmanship. Handcrafted homeware in the Egyptian culture has been present and prominent through the centuries, however nowadays these styles do not fit in with the common modern furnishing of homes.

how we think

Our Philosophy


We design to make the world a decorous place.




CASA Designs is here to bring back the Egyptian culture to the modern home through innovative designs that still hold a piece of history as they are created by the Egyptian craftsmen who have the learned skill and passed it on through the centuries.

what we aim for


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