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Tales Of Soun

The word Aswan is derived from the ancient Egyptian word “Soun”, which means souk or market. Aswan earned its name because it was a strategic gateway to the South. In ancient times, it was the main provider of granite used for obelisks and sculptures. 


The series shows freshness, tradition, mountains and breeze. It is the flavor of things well done, from gastronomy to architecture, whether yesterday or today. Simple solutions that transmit a mixture of peace, well-being and satisfaction.

Soun is a place that sums up the essence of peace and satisfaction. The traditional component is always present in our imaginary. Structural weaving techniques using plant fibers such as wicker are part of our culture and we wanted to pay tribute to it through a contemporary abstraction that translates them to metal and integrates them into this product in a subtle but present way.



we are unveiling our collection for 2022 with the arrival of 20+ new indoor and outdoor designs. Ranging from small accessories to outdoor furniture sets, the expansion of some of our most emblematic series and the return of the great icons of the coastal lifestyle that is the essence of the brand. 

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