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The Trianon Collection

The Trianon was born from the idea of creating contrasts that interlacing of sleek, sharp lines with the delicate beauty of the lake which surround it. Breathe an air of freshness with pieces that are emblematic of casual elegance, successfully transcending the bounds of time and fashion. 


Our product’s lifestyle is now reinterpreted with our creative and unique designs. Creations of a refined, balanced, and architectural nature capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding contract spaces and residential projects. The geography of the site has undoubtedly influenced the flow of the set, which is expressed through well-defined geometric spaces that offer seamless visual continuity between indoor and outdoor.

Drawing inspiration from features such as comfort, personality, and sophistication, each piece of furniture in the Indoor Collection remains unique while sharing a timeless visual language with its surroundings. The Outdoor Collection follows suit while providing extra durability, and practical consideration. Both Indoor and Outdoor Collections work in harmony to create spaces that flow into each other with ease.



we are unveiling our collection for 2021 with the arrival of 20+ new indoor and outdoor designs. Ranging from small accessories to outdoor furniture sets, the expansion of some of our most emblematic series and the return of the great icons of the coastal lifestyle that is the essence of the brand. 

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