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Introducing Everaus, a furniture collection inspired by the timeless elegance of midcentury homes with a modern twist. Designed to be both subtle and diverse, each piece is crafted to seamlessly complement any space, from comodes to full living sets. The collection's color palette reflects the latest trends. Explore Ever-haus and discover furniture that transcends time and trends.


Timeless Valley is a testament to the beauty of hidden treasures. It's a celebration of the intricate threads that weave together history, nature, and artistry. With each piece, we invite you to embark on a journey through time, to relish the significance of the past, and to immerse yourself in the embrace of its ageless allure. As you welcome these creations into your space, you invite the legacy of the valley to become a part of your home, your story, and your essence.


Casa’s refined and sophisticated language runs through The Charming Sol, conveying the brand's ability to design spaces in a complete vision of the project. The collection sees a relaxation characterized by the soft shapes of the Polder Sofa, accompanied by the Calder Armchairs and Sora Coffee-table on one side and the very elegant Ronde Poufs on the other; and many more designs express the dream of a pastoral home.


The series shows freshness, tradition, mountains and breeze. It is the flavor of things well done, from gastronomy to architecture, whether yesterday or today. Simple solutions that transmit a mixture of peace, well-being and satisfaction.

Fusing Scandinavian design with Japandi aesthetics, “The Bold” collection’s language combines the strong lines with the smooth curves creating a timeless design. The inspiration is found in the nature and raw materials which are evident in the collection. 

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The Trianon was born from the idea of creating contrasts that interlacing of sleek, sharp lines with the delicate beauty of the lake which surround it. Breathe an air of freshness with pieces that are emblematic of casual elegance, successfully transcending the bounds of time and fashion. 


Elva is a minimal collection inspired by bohemian interiors. The Elva Collection is reduced into three simple elements - pattern, texture, and color. Each element is carefully designed according to its function, making the series both elegant and highly refined in design.

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